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Catchmop eco cleaner 16p set

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  • MaterialMicrofiber
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Product Detail Information

Set Components

Mop 1ea/ Multi-purpose 2ea/ Mop pad 3ea/ Mop&Multi 3ea

Kitchen 2ea/ Glass 2ea/ Electronics&Furniture 2ea

SiliconBrush 1ea


Items Cotten Microfiber Catch-Mop
Dust catching
Wipes only surface Removes only the stain of even surface

Available in every indoor area including cracks and crevices

(Uneven surface & rough area)

Dust force
Has to grab with hand Has to grab with hand No dust force effect and simple to use

* Block Sponges

  • Excellent wiping effect
  • Creates harmful substances as it uses chemicals.
  • Crumbles remained on the surface after using it
  • Harmful for the environment
  • Disposable product
  • Remove the coating on the surface
  • Higher possibilities to occur discoloration, and required to take large time to clean the surrounded areas.
  • Use it with detergent to complete cleaning
  • Not effective for water stain
  • Anti-Biotic effect
  • Strong water absorbency around 4 times more than cotten
  • Weak in restoration and elesticity
  • Difficult to remove fine dust (Push away the dust)
  • Easily destroyed its structure like the below picture, due to weak in restoration and elesticity
  • Difficult to remove stubborn dirt with its soft surface
  • Difficult to clean the dust in the cracks and crevices, because it has to grab the dust to remove
  • Easily and effortlessly cleaning the surface
  • Easily remove the dust in the cracks and crevices
  • Using brush and surrounded NP microfiber to remove stubborn dirt easily
  • Easily catch the dust, crumbles and hair ( 8times more than microfiber mop)
  • Strong in restoration and elasticity
  • No scratch marks
  • Wash the used-Catch Mop without detergent
  • Done 20,000times durability test
  • Detergent Free
  • Enable to remove the stubborn dirt, water stain, and oil stain
  • Qualified through FDA,TUV,ISO and LOHAS

Also, Clembon is manufacturer and developer and at the same time, we can directly sale our items to overseas buyers to minimize the cost and maximize the profit.

You can check the factories and our sales status in the below.

Because of uniqueness and the quality of our items, it could certified from various organization; such as, FDA,TUV,ISO,LOHAS and extra.

Also, we have patent of this item in South Korea as well as in abroad to maintain the uniqueness and profit for our buyers.

You can check the details in the below pictures.


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